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Welcome to Traci D. Hair Studio, your number one source for healthy hair care, custom units, and raw hair extensions! We are dedicated to giving you the very best hair, with a focus on the 4 C’s of service to our clients; “Care, Consistency, Comfort and Confidence.”


Founded in 2015 by Traci D, Traci D. Hair Studio has grown from a dream to a thriving lifestyle, and place of relaxing luxury for women. With over 10 years of experience in hair care, Traci’s passion for hair drove her to develop a plan to provide her clients with different hair care and beauty options. We now serve customers not only throughout the United States but we are thrilled to have clients as far reaching as in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our aim is for Traci D. Hair Studio to become a staple in every women’s beauty regime, touching all nationalities and giving each of our clients the poise that only products and services from Traci D. Hair Studio can achieve.


“The confidence a woman has when I am done styling her hair or when wearing a Traci D. Hair Collection unit, inspires me to perfect my craft and strive to be the best so that I’m allotted the opportunity to make other women feel the same”


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